Improve the Appearance and Function of your Smile With Dental Implants

August 2017

Implant dentistry is a cosmetic branch of dentistry that is used to effectively and safely replace missing or damaged teeth. With the use of a root device known as dental implants, this area of dentistry supports tooth restoration that can last a lifetime and also look as good and as natural as real teeth.


Dental implants appear to be similar to an actual tooth root and are replaced within the bone. Most dental implants used today in dentistry are root-form implants. These implants are used to support restorations for those who have damaged or missing teeth. These tooth restorations can be used in various dental prostheses such as implant supported dentures or bridges and also crowns. These implants can also be used to anchor orthodontic tooth movement. They are beneficial for permitting the unidirectional movement of a tooth without reciprocal action. 

Dental implants are great for improving the functionality and look of teeth regardless of the reason the teeth/tooth replacement is needed. With an experienced and knowledgeable dentist that utilized the latest materials and procedures in the dental practices, you can achieve a smile you can be proud to show off.

A tooth restoration is a lot more beneficial that just giving you a great smile. A dental implant can help improve your overall quality of life. When a person loses a tooth or has tooth damage, it can compromise their ability to eat vegetables, fruits and additional healthy foods because these foods may cause a person to have pain when they begin to chew on them. When a person receives a tooth replacement, it gives them the ability to enjoy the foods they once loved. Getting these tooth replacements can also prevent other teeth from becoming crowded, tipped, or lost, which can cause additional problems in the future. 

Dental implants are preferred over most other tooth replacement options and are considered a very predictable, precise, and safe procedure in dentistry. When a person has one or more missing teeth, it can do much in the way of lessening their self-esteem because they feel they have a poor appearance. Using a dental implant for the replacement of a tooth has been used to treat damaged or missing teeth for over 50 years and is considered a very effective and safe treatment option. Many feel that this treatment option is more predictable and effective that other treatment such as endodontic, resin bonded bridges, and bridgework.

Through an initial consultation with a dentist you can learn if you are the right candidate for a dental implant. This is a good option for individuals of just about every age who are have a missing tooth or several missing teeth as a result of disease, injury or decay. This dental treatment is especially ideal for those who no longer wear removable dentures. The dentist you choose will carefully evaluate your medical and dental history during your consultation to determine if you are a good candidate for this procedure.

Your best choice in dentists to choose for your dental implant procedure is one that has a comprehensive educational background and years of experience providing excellent restorative care to many satisfied patients. If you are in need of complete restorative and diagnostic services, make sure your dentist has the right credentials, has a pleasant and friendly staff, and provides all of the services you are in need of.