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Dental problems don't always happen during normal business hours. Should you require emergency care please contact our emergency call service by calling (210) 249-1180. One of our dentists or assistants will call you back within the hour. Our emergency number is answered  24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Payment Policies

Dental Wellness Center accepts most major insurance policies. Please remember to  bring your insurance card with you  during each visit. Often times policies change and we will need your updated information.


Also regarding DHMO's- there is much confusion about these policies so make sure to call your insurance company and have a clear understanding with them and our office regarding co-pays for your plans. We are a Roster ONLY office-which means you must be on the list that your DHMO sends us before we can make an appointment for you. In addition, we accept all major credit cards, checks, and cash.


Our Care Credit Program allows you to make affordable monthly payments interest free for up to twelve months. Be sure to ask about all the details during your visit.

Interesting Facts from A to Z

We want the best for your oral health and physical Well-Being. That's why we have put some information together here to help you the next time you visit our practice or you are coming for your First Visit. It can also help you understand more about prevention and other dental topics. It is our desire to make your dental experience in our office a pleasureable one!

Preventive Care: At least every 3- 6 months

If you take special care of your teeth and they are in good condition, you should come to see us for a checkup at least twice a year. If your teeth are predisposed to problems, you should be on the safe side and make an appointment for preventative care regularly-we suggest every 3-4 months especially if you have some gum disease and are working to prevent surgical intervention.


Our tip: Come in for a consultation and make the next appointment after each visit.

Start 'em early

Proper oral hygiene habits are learned early. As soon as your toddler can manage a toothbrush (24-30 months), supervised brushing instructions can create beneficial habits that last a lifetime. Remember, children under 6 should be supervised at all times as swallowing toothpaste can be harmful.


Dental Wellness Center recommends a first dentist visit somewhere in the third year. Establishing regular visits at a young age has proven to improve the health and stability of adult teeth.